Garuda Muda Grips Gajah Putih

14 Nov
Indonesia finally got away at sea qualifying games of 2011 and ensure themselves qualify to the semi-finals in the event the sea branch of the football games. after playing nicely on the last 3 games Indonesia, the supporters would expect a consistent appearance of the young eagle. Garuda succeeded in gripping the young white elephant on perttandingan last night with a tear the skin a white elephant with 3 goals. These results are very satisfactory for all football lovers Indonesia, finally after 14 years to qualify for the semifinals sea skipped games, army eagle finally succeeded this year to ensure themselves with perfect points after winning in 3 games. contrary to thailand, this is the first time they did not qualify after Indonesia beaten by a score of 3-1.

early in the first half, Indonesia immediately pressured by an aggressive game players Thailand, evident with more ball possession dominated Thailand. but it all changed when one of Thailand defender a red card after breaking Andik vermansyah in the area around the penalty box. superior number pemainlah that make Indonesia more excited to set up the game. Indonesia’s first goal scored by Titus bonai alias Tibo after receiving assists from kipuw slick which was then headed by Tibo. direct the ball into the net without any movement of Thailand Thailand goalkeeper. in the second round, Thailand, Indonesia was following the score after abdul rahman dangerous offense in the box 16 Indonesia, which produces akhirnyna penalty for Thailand.opportunity was not wasted by striker and captain of Thailand that made the score to 1-1. This result did not dampen the spirit of Indonesian players, proved ddengan goals generated by patrich Wanggai stelah ribon got the ball from the kick Kornel header from melgiansyah. again, the goalkeeper can not do anything, just seeing the ball into the net. The second red card after the player obtained Thailand Thailand violated Indonesian players, appeared but did not disrupt the protest the referee’s decision.finally near the end of the second half, Ferdinand sinaga go and not waste the opportunity by scoring patrich result of feedback from players counterattack Indonesia. Indonesia finally managed to submerge Thailand desperate to escape and managed to rid Thailand of sea event branches football games.

After the match finished, Thai team manager considers that the referee acted less wisely by issuing a second red card for Thailand is considered to be less reasonable. however, the other said, Indonesia had a clean sweep 3 matches weight, and made sure to qualify for the semi-finals. the last match against Malaysia will also be interesting to watch, seeing the defeat of the senior national team at AFF Cup before. young eagles shall reply to the defeat. Reach for  GOLD … YOUNG GARUDA!


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